Southern Meadows Estates

An Entire Community at your Fingertips...

At Southern Meadows Estates you get all the comforts of home, without all the headaches. Here you can live the kind of life you want to live while escaping the burdens of regular home ownership or apartment living. You can enjoy the snowfall without worrying about getting around or shoveling, & never think about mowing grass or cleaning gutters again. Our maintenance staff will do all repairs and upkeep.

We offer the solitude that you expect, the whirlwind activities you crave, and the services of your dreams. You can read in our classic library, stroll our walking trail, needlepoint in our crafts room, shoot pool in our game room, or just settle into a comfortable chair in our TV lounge. Nearby at the park you will find tennis courts and a swimming pool.


You can chose from our Cottages, Villas, or Apartments. Each comes with either one or two bedrooms. No matter which residence fits your lifestyle, you'll appreciate the features: a garage or carport, washer and dryer, a fully equipped kitchen, spacious closets, and a separate storage area to call your own.

Make a Move for a Better Tomorrow

Southern Meadows Estates is located on the expansive grounds of the United Methodist Village in Lawrenceville, Il. For many seniors, it is the start of something new, the start of something better in their life. Here you can live the life you want without worries.

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